Thursday, December 04, 2014

IUDs may affect rheumatoid arthritis risk

Women using IUDs (intrauterine devices) may be at increased risk for producing the antibodies that lead to rheumatoid arthritis (not the bone kind older people get).

RA is chronic, causes pain, swelling and limitation of motion in the joints.  Women get it three times as often as men. It can manifest in young people--child-bearing age.

Researchers in Colo, Neb, CA, NY, and Wash State looked at different forms of contraception. They looked for a substance called anti-CCP that can be found in blood prior to RA becoming evident.

They looked at 976 women with a first degree relative with RA. They checked for anti-CCP and asked about contraceptive use.

--Those currently using in IUD had significantly increased risk of anti-CCP positivity.

--Other studies showed a decreased risk from the pill.

--Pregnancy and breast-feeding did not seem to affect RA.

The scientists think IUDs may increase inflammation in the body and this leads to the autoimmune reaction of RA.

Something to consider anyway.

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