Friday, December 05, 2014

Uncle Wiggily redux

One of our favorite board games in the Wayback was Uncle Wiggily.

"The old Rabbit gentleman," as he was referred to often in Howard Garis's 1930ish books, suffered from the "rheumatiz," which I take to be arthritis. He walks with a candy-cane crutch and sometimes canes of the assistive sort..

As he wends his way to the doctor in the board game version, hapless children are directed by cards they draw to put him in the way of various villains--the Skillery Skallery Alligator, the Big Bad Pipsiswah, and the Wicked Skeezix, to name a few.

He is also aided by Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy and other "good" characters.

What if this were updated to present day?. Even if he could hobble to the doc, he might be late for his appointment and bumped. Or have to fill out a long, irrelevant form with his stiff paws.

What if his medicine was not "covered" by his health plan--no healing herbs for the old rabbit gentleman!

A knee replacement? Only if the Skillery Skallery Alligator were to nip him in the leg. And it would be a copay of 200 carrots.

And that kindly doctor? He would immediately send Uncle Wiggily to a specialist--more walking and limping--maybe a A Rabbit's Foot Specialist--uh-oh, ask questions, how lucky would that be?

And if Uncle Wiggily did not lug along enough carrots, then what? The Big Bad Pepsiswah Collection Agency would hunt down the poor rodent.

Even Nurse Jane could not save him!

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