Monday, December 01, 2014

Yipes--you could be allergic to your tree

You know me--I luv the good news! Not.

Doctors at AFC/Doctors Express urgent care are trying to tell us about "Christmas Tree Syndrome."

Respiratory illnesses peak around Christmas and trees don't help. You can be allergic to the pine resin (terpene) or various molds that develop around live trees.

Within 2 weeks of bringing a live tree into your home, mold counts rise.

The result can be asthma attacks, fatigue, sinus infections and more.

Some tips for live trees (which I have had):

--Wear gloves and long sleeves when bringing the tree in--the sap, you know.

--Spray off pollen before bringing in.

--Keep a live tree seven days or less.

Even artificial trees can cause allergies--wipe them off before putting them up. Ornaments, too.

Forget that spray-on snow.

We used to put on fiberglass "snow"--very bad for you. We are lucky to be alive.

I am being sarcastic--but still, trees can attack. Be careful.

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