Thursday, January 08, 2015

College students are flu factories

Beware, college students--and faculty and university employees. As students return from winter break, they are bringing viruses from everyplace with them. This according to Stacey A. Gorski, PhD, a biology prof at University of the Sciences in Philly.

The flu vaccine is proving less effective than hoped--the guess as to what strains will appear isa always a crapshoot. But doctors insist it is still important to get the shot--it does protect against some stuff going around.

Also there are some bad stomach viruses raging in various parts of the country.

The bitter weather in many places is also helping viruses spread.

Colleges are breeding grounds--kids stay up late, weaken their immunity, bring in microbes from around the country or even the globe, and well...swap spit with some frequency.

It is important for kids to wash hands at least before meals--often they eat finger food like hot dogs and burgers. Soap and water works best, sanitizer is second.

Clean doorknobs, phones, keyboards, anyplace people touch with disinfectant wipes.

Germs and viruses can be transmitted even before a person gets symptoms or after they feel better. Keep a few feet of distance around you.

No sharing spoonfuls, straws, or, alas, saliva--at least until it gets warmer.

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