Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Have an elderly neighbor?

Bitter cold, slippery steps, glazed sidewalks--many times in winter, older people don't dare venture out--and if their heat fails or they fall, it can be dire.

You can keep an eye on the place--are the walks shoveled, the lights on?

Debbie Jansky, assistant manager of Gottleib Home Health & Hospice, says people who live alone may be too proud to ask for some help. You need to offer.

Her staff often finds homebound people at the window waiting for a friendly face.

You just can't take for granted that all is well, one nurse said. Older people can take too many of a pill and get dizzy or trip over a pet.

You, as the younger, healthier person, should exchange numbers with a nearby older person.

Offer to bring groceries if you are going to the store.

Sit and visit when you bring things.

What else can you think of? Getting the mail, shoveling, a daily check-in?

Remember, if you are lucky enough to get "old," this is good karma.

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