Friday, January 16, 2015

Here's a hot flash--people sign up for gyms in Jan.

I am not big on the diet-workout frenzy that comes every January. But here are some practical ways to make that gym membership economical.

First, be sure the gym is a good fit. Check out the classes, the crowdedness, and the crowd (if you are a weekend workout buff, a serious bodybuilding or boxing place might not be for you).

Most offer a free week--take advantage of this. Do not give in and sign up after a day or two--use the full trial period.

Try haggling. Sales people have some leeway to bargain. Try for a lower monthly rate and waiver of the initiation fee. Ask for the first month free, more guest passes, extra personal training, free towels, or discounts on child care or spa services.

If you sometimes work out out of doors, a punch pass may be more economical.

Try to get as short a commitment as you can. Try for month-to month.

"Family" can sometimes mean non-blood relatives--sign up with friends.

Look for coupons--Groupon, CouponSherpa, etc.

Check for discounts under your Costco or other warehouse membership.

Look for a variety of classes--yoga, cycling, Pilates, and change up.

Personal training is great but can get expensive--see if you can split it with a friend at the same level of fitness.

Use phone apps to "remind" you to go. Sixty-seven percent of those who sign up, never go.

What a waste of money!

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