Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How your innards influence your brain

I know for sure this is TMI, but I have "problem innards"--pain, this, that--I guess they call it Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I get sick of being doubled over, take an Imodium, then face the opposite problem and on it goes.

If I open email and something has gone awry--bam! Stomach ache--in seconds.

Now, a prof named Sian Beilock, Univ of Chicago, says the mind-gut connection works both directions. Yes, stress can ick up your insides, but icky insides can also change the way your brain works.

Her book is called How the Body Knows Its Mind.

She is not so much about the gut to brain connection (although there is new evidence on how flora in the intestines can influence the brain), but she goes into how moving the body can affect the brain,

She translates this into letting babies crawl around without a diaper, and begins to lose me...

She also goes into kids who practice the piano--the finger movements make them better at math, she says.

Here are some tips for making this connection work for you:

Stuck on a problem--take a break and move around.

Stand tall--smile.

Write it out--in a journal.

Spend time in nature.

Little things can have a big effect.

I feel like that about lunch!

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