Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Looking cool can be stupid

With arctic blasts screaming through almost daily in some parts of the country, yoga pants, shorts, baseball caps, and sandals (even with socks) can be bad for your health and body parts.

I am writing this in shorts, with a blanket on my legs--but I am in AZ, where cold means maybe 45 degrees outside.

We all need to listen to Arthur Sanford, MD, a burn specialist at Loyola. Frostbite starts at the furthest extremities from the heart--fingers, toes, nose, ear tips... To preserve body temp, these areas start to constrict and the tissue starts to die--eek.

He has treated all sorts of frostbite victims--a kid wearing tennies that got wet and froze, a teenaged girl with cotton leggings. An old lady who goes for the mail, slips, and lies there.


Dress in layers. If a sweater or pair of socks gets wet, you have an alternative.

Weat a hat, gloves, and proper footwear. Texting gloves may look cool, but better to use a "fat" gloved finger to text, than to not have that finger.

Stay dry--you don't want trench foot (scroll down).

And hats--you may get hat hair, but you will still have ear tips!

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