Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nutrition label we use the hardest to understand

We've all seen it. In fact, a guy I knew in DC--Berky Belser--designed it. But according to researchers at McGill Univ, it's the one of four that's hardest to decipher.

Time is limited when you are standing in the store aisle and trying to decide which product is best for you.  One may be high in fact, low in sugar, the one next to it, the opposite. Or you may not care about fiber, but not want carbs or gluten.

The UK uses the Red-Yellow-Green traffic light system.

In Denmark, Sweden and Canada, foods can be certified as nutritious--but what does that mean?

They don't say which is best--so is Berky supposed to come up with yet another?

Do you have an idea how many people sat in how many meetings to even get what we have?

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