Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Short hair, pony tail--remember the sunscreen

Winter is no excuse for ditching the sunscreen, say Drs Joshua Fox and Barry Silver of Advanced Dermatology in Summit and Ridgewood, NJ.

Men are at increased risk for skin cancer due to their shorter hair. But women are also susceptible due to thinner hair or wearing a ponytail. This exposes the ears and ear tips are hit.

I thought this was kind of dumb, but my sister said oh, no, when she went for skin cancer treatment, plenty of people had ear tip cancer. you are. Winter even intensifies the negative effects of UV exposure--snow, for one thing, reflects 80% of UV--meaning the rays hit you twice. And wind and snow can wash off the sunscreen you do apply.

Skiers also get it bad--at high elevations, UV is more harmful.


--Apply SPF 30 or higher at least 20 minutes before going outdoors.
--Use at least a teaspoonful just on your face.
--Apply to top and behind ears.
--Use sunscreen while driving in your car.
--Use large wraparound shades.
--On the slopes, use a ski mask.

Most skin cancer is preventable--it comes from letting the sun roast you. Think of it as radiation.

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