Friday, January 30, 2015

So much to think about when getting a tatt

I got my first tattoo at 37--always wanted one. The "artist" was Smoky Nightingale--an old salt type out of the Baltimore docks, then working in DC. A rose--on my back--have never seen it since.

Bad place to put tattoos.

Then, some years later, my sister and I saw a pin we liked in a catalog and got a speed freak named Wade to draw it better (he had been to art school) and then apply it to us--in diff color combos. Mine is on my right biceps, hers on her collarbone (even though close to the bone hurts more). Later she added her husband's middle name to it.

Also remember that in most states, tattoo parlors are not well regulated. They can be dirty or unsanitary.

I remember getting a paper towel taped over mine--this is not medical even though the skin is pierced a sixteenth of an inch. Yes, it hurts, though this is part of the experience.

Check out the place carefully. Go on Yelp.

Find out if the operators wash their hands, wear gloves, autoclave the equipment or use one-time-only needles.

Look at their books of examples--are the tatts clear and crisp, or muddy and like prison ink. Some of the new inks are too crisp for me, but it's a matter of taste.

Also--just my advice--don't apply a person's name--things can change. "Changing" a unit is tricky and can look like almighty heck. So does removing--so be thoughtful.

And--please--no face or neck units. Put it someplace you can cover it, unless--like sis--you are not in the business world or don't plan to be.

And just so you know--tattoos still have a tacky rep with some people, namely older people. You may get an earful.

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