Thursday, January 29, 2015

Some violent criminals don't "get" punishment

Why do violent idiots keep committing crimes, carrying guns, torturing and just being horrible?

Let's go to the videotape. In a study at the Univ of Montreal, researchers looked at violent criminals--and concluded that one in five is a psychopath. They tend to re-offend and don't  rehab into responsible citizens.

Psychopathic criminals are different from regular ones in several ways. Regular criminals are are hyper-responsive to threat, quick-tempered, aggressive. Psychopaths have a very low responsiveness to threats, are cold, and aggressive as thought out ahead.

This shows in their brain patterns. While most people will not step in front of a bus because they can imagine being run over and how bad that would be, psychopaths seem to have different brain wiring that differentiates them in terms of learning from punishment and reward.

Deciding on an action depends on mentally weighing benefits and negative consequences. But psychopaths may only consider the positives and not the negatives. The key is to determine this young and have a way to remold the responses.

Keep studying!

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