Friday, January 23, 2015


James Stankiewicz, MD, chair of the dept of otolaryngology at Loyola, says winter is to blame for many nosebleeds.

Not to worry--this is normal for winter, in other words.

Yet, blood dripping from your face will be alarming now and again.

Older people tend to get these more--thinner mucous membranes and blood vessel walls.

[Only part of us that's thinner!]

If someone does look at you in horror, first do not panic.

Tilt your head back and apply firm pressure on the nostrils for 5 minutes.

Ice it.

Put some Vaseline on cotton and stuff it into your nose.

If this does not stop, you may want to run to urgent care or something, but I would not.

Yes, sometimes this can be a symptom of something "bad." Teen males can (rarely) get a tumor that results in gushing nosebleeds. Getting frequent bleeds can also signal leukemia or liver disease.

But don't freak out--it is probably not these!

Just get a humidifier and apply some vaseline inside your nose sometimes.

And pray for spring.

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