Thursday, January 15, 2015

You can't just eat anything you want during Super Bowl

You have probably noticed I am not all about diets. I have tried them all and the flab wandered around then found me again.

These dietitians on news shows and in print are, to my mind, little self-righteous goody-two-shoes--with their foaming hatred of sugar and fat and pinched haggard faces.

But, of course, I must at least mention some "healthy" choices for your Super Bowl Party. For one thing, these stories are popular with you readers, if not with your blogger.

These come from Jo Ann Carson, a registered dietitian at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

She focuses on people with diabetes--if you think the party will be carb-heavy, bring your own food. Sure. Everyone will do that.


Salad items with low-cal dressings
Water, unsweetned tea, coffee, diet soda
Grilled fish or skinless chicken
Non-fat cheeses, yogurt, skim milk

Whole grain bread, crackers, pasta, rice
Beans and legumes

Cookies, pies, candy
Chips, fatty dips, high fat crackers
Regular soda, booze

OK, pretty standard preaching so far.

How about some suggested substitutions?

Taco salad bowls instead of burgers
Lean ground turkey instead of cold cuts
Subs with lots of salady fixings
Grilled veggies


Baked chips
Low-fat sour cream or yogurt dips
Thin crust veggie pizza
Baked skinless chicken wings
Meatless chili
Vinegar based BBQ sauce

Thin crust veggie pizza sounds OK...

Still, I should not have said "pinched haggard faces."

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