Wednesday, January 21, 2015

You don't even need black ice to fall

Oh, yes, even before I got my senior discount cards, I fell over. Once off the back of a chopper--wet leaves on a wet painted line. Less interesting--another time, while crossing the street--bam! I was down. I have also tumbled over in snow and on ice.

In more recent times, I slow-mo'd to the floor in the laundry room--and yes, I could not get up. I hate that stupid commercial.

I am not alone--a million people a year totter over. Falling also accounts for 15% of on-the-job oopsies.

Mike Ross is author of The Balance Manual. He teaches 50s-and-over at Loyola.

His tips:

Check your footwear. Time for some with more traction?

Keep a shovel and salt in the house. If you have to walk over ice to the garage, well, that's silly.

Check your railings. Are they going to support you in free fall?

Bring a phone when you leave the house. Always.

Slow down.

Ask for help--if you need to hold onto someone, it could be a person. Ask!

Try to keep your legs strong.

Stuff happens. Please be safe.

I have not only unreliable knees, but bad vision--so I am a mess. I take it slow and try to be mindful. Of course, I look like I am a hundred.

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