Monday, February 02, 2015

Do you really need Vitamin Water?

How about Vitamin Solids?
Good heavens, we Americans eat and drink a range of foods--including those fruits and veggies. Do we really need to slurp down so-called Vitamin Water?

Heck, milk even contains additional (trendy) Vitamin D! Everything is loaded with extra vits!

The NYT's Anahad O'Connor took this up Jan 30, 2105.

There can be a tendency with all the vitamin-containing or fortified foods to get too much of a good thing, said one nutrition professor.

More than half of all adults in the US take some vitamin pill or supplement.

Many people are exceeding safe levels set by the Institute of Medicine.

One study looked at 46 beverages sold alongside bottled water in supermarkets. Many contained B6, N12, niacin, and Vitamin C in amounts well above the average daily requirement for young adults.

Moreover, these promised performance and "emotional" benefits. beyond conventional nutritional science, as one expert put it.

The irony is also that those who would buy and take a supplement are probably already "eating right,"

The water soluble vitamins--B&C--are excreted, but the fat stored ones--A, D, E, K--can accumulate.

Some studies show that antioxidants such ass beta carotene, Vit A, and E, can increased mortality.

I am skeptical of the current push to get everyone on Vitamin D3. Every woman I know has been told she is "dangerously low."

So far, I decided not to throw down a bunch of pills. I might go outside more. Sunlight makes your body produce it.

By the way--there were hundreds of comments on this story in the NYT--most of the people luv their Vitamin Water.

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