Tuesday, February 03, 2015

For once and for all--attack on measles vaccine is bogus

There is so much half-vast info out there on vaccines--most of it opinion--that kids are not being protected. Sure enough--measles outbreaks in California and elsewhere.

I know, as a parent, that it can be unsettling to shoot your kids up with stuff. I was wary of the diphtheria-pertussis (whooping cough)-tetanus shot for my daughter. My 70-yr old German pediatrician insisted--on the first dose, my kid developed a hump in her leg. I said, "No, no." The doctor said look, she needs it to get into school. So the doctor divided the second shot in half--gave two...no more lumps.

I had polio when I was 4--believe me, that vaccine saved the mental health of many a parent.

But this latest--this measles thing--is based on one totally discredited study--done by some guy named Andrew Wakefield, who is no longer a physician and whose study was RETRACTED by the prestigious journal Lancet.

He drew blood from 12 kids at his son's birthday party. The case reports were things the parents said. Most kids who develop autism had been vaccinated with the MMR vaccine--but it does not cause that!!

Several, scientific, large-scale studies show no cause and effect.

Several followup showed Wakefield manipulated his data, such as it was.

He also filed a patent for a competing vaccine to MMR--think that had any bearing?

In addition, he has refused to try to replicate his findings.

So this is what people are believing. It is not in dispute.

You do not want your kids getting measles. We do not want epidemics of measles. We need to get 85-90% of kids vaccinated to prevent outbreaks.

As a parent, you need to think of other kids, too--and do your homework. I almost went off half-cocked on the DPT--be smarter.

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