Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Losing weight and keeping it off is hard

Well, duh! I have been "the fat one" in my family all my many years. I have lost, regained, lost, regained, lost...finally I gave up and tossed the scale at age 40.

Now--researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, have looked hundreds of weight and obesity studies from the last decade--and I am not alone.

90 studies on preventing obesity among children: Small improvements in weight outcomes. The programs that worked best were in school diet and exercise, and lasted 12 weeks to a year.

Prevention of obesity in adults. Almost no studies on helping normal weight adults maintain normal weight. A single, small study in 1980 showed benefits from a 12-month education and incentive program.

Treating obesity among adults. 68 studies. Doing some activity is better than doing none. Adults in some form of treatment had an average of 7-pound greater loss. Weight loss results, overall, did not differ whether the treatment involved diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, or drugs. Drugs had side efx.

The researchers also found studies showed that a 5-10% loss could positively impact health--I guess meaning measurably.

As for keeping weight off: Eight studies since 2011 found doing SOMETHING to keep weight off, can help at least during the short term. There were no studies involving the long term.

Use of drugs can also maintain a loss of 5% of body weight--no effect on keeping a 10% loss from returning.

So...that was discouraging. All that.

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