Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Potty training and bedwetting

Every parent knows these are issues--for a short time, anyway. Most kids are not wearing Depends to the prom.

But there are a zillion schools of thought on bathroom training for kids. Check out a book called It's Not Your Fault by Joseph Barone, MD.

I love parenting books that say it's not my fault, by the way.

Potty training, Barone says, is an important milestone but when training fails, it is not the parents' or kid's fault. The techniques simply are not based on the science.

Bedwetting, for example, is the biggest urinary concern--but can be eliminated in 90% of kids. Giving it time will work, but there are other ways.

If the child is still having problems between ages 7 and 8, time for expert advice.

Thus this book.

Barone puts in lots of true-life stories, studies, and professional advice.

Not getting this book would BE your fault.

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