Monday, February 09, 2015

Prescribing sight unseen

I am hornetbasket mad! An acquaintance went online to one of those doc in the box sites and got a prescription for Tamiflu AND an antibiotic for her 14-yr-old son, who had been ailing for a few days.

I can see MAYBE asking some unknown doctor you can't check out whether it might be the flu--but for this person to call in a script for an antiviral and an antibiotic (does not work on viruses) is to me going way too far with the cyber convenience stuff!

The "doc" never even talked to the kid--just the mother.

Tamiflu was recently nailed by a big study in Britain as being basically ineffective. Also, it should be given within three days of symptoms if one is going to give it--this was too late. And unneeded antibiotics just dump into the water supply and make people resistant should they really need one, say to save their life.

I emailed the company--they said give us the patient's name--so you should know that confidentiality would not be a long suit there, either.

I did not give the name.

So--la-de-dah--let's just all open our own pharmacies and take everything in sight! I saw Adderall writers, Xanax writers, etc on my internet search.

Basically, you should see a doc before you get a prescription. Maybe if you had five urinary infections, know the signs, and call, you could get a script called in...But new stuff? Go already!

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