Thursday, February 05, 2015

Seriously--DIY orthodonture from YouTube?

Before YouTube--thank heavens.
Remember that commercial where the guy prepares to operate on himself with instructions from the doctor on the phone and he says, "Shouldn't you be doing this?"

Recently on the NYT Well Blog, some people were outed as trying to close the gaps in their front teeth by using rubber bands--as seen on a YouTube video.

Some dude actually made nine such videos--he's a fashion design student, not a dentist. There is also a website.

Of course, they had a real orthodontist who pointed out that this approach could have unintended BAD consequences.

Please, please do not do this! Is that clear enough for you?

One guy used the bands on his front teeth to close the gap. The elastic got stuck under the gums, resulting in horribly bucked teeth. He lost both front teeth at the root.

Yes, orthodontists cost a ton (don't EVEN get me started on that), but being free, the YouTube approach costs far more.

Anyhow, a front gap worked for model Lauren Hutton and the Wife of Bath in Canterbury Tales.

Think about it.

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