Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Warts and all

Today's subject--warts. Apparently anyone (oh joy) can get these.

They are caused by the HPV virus, which infects the upper layer of skin and forms a hard crusty thing.

Dr Alicia Cool, assoc director of Advanced Dermatology of Park Slope, NY, says warts are especially embarrassing on the face--viz, witches.

But warts come in all shapes and sizes--common ones, plantar warts on the feet soles, flat warts in large numbers, filiform warts with look like long threads and often grow on the face. Genital warts.

Ew. Enough.

Because these can spread, warts should be removed.

--By a solution painted on to blister it so it falls off.

--Electrosurgery, burning it, then cutting it off.

--Excision--coring it out.

--Laser--burns and destroys.

--Immunity--encouraging the body to dry up the wart.

I have heard of keeping duct tape on it until it falls off. Probably a "guy" thing--they love the duct tape.

Ask the doctor whether you will have a scar.

Oh--and yes, they can grow back.

Don't you just love your body?

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