Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why see a doc, when you can ask a friend?

First, we now have "crowd sourcing" to diagnose ailments--even the NYT lets people weigh in on symptoms and try to guess the Disease Du Jour. What fun!

But there is also a site called CrowdMed-- people without a diagnosis for six months can submit their problem and see if someone has had a similar issue.

This site did a study and 77% of 1,500 Americans (not just CrowdMed adherents) said they would consult a non-physician stranger.

73% of those who answered yes would trust a nurse.

74% an alternative medicine practitioner.

84% a retired doctor.

87% a former patient with the same symptoms.

62% a medical student.

CrowdMed says they solved more than 600 cases in months instead of years.

This cost an average of $200 (as opposed to $50K making the doctor circuit).

So...what do you think? I ask around--do you?

The other day, I had to appear at the doctor (actually a physician assistant) to get my pills renewed and basically tell him I had cut some of them out--and my sister whipped off her shoe to show MY doctor some itchy blisters on her foot--in other words, she tried to get a second opinion.

He didn't have one, but it was an idea, I guess.

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