Wednesday, February 11, 2015

You CAN catch up on sleep

Remember when we were kids and had a long night or could not sleep and thought we could catch up if we just got some solid hours? Then the scientists said no, it doesn't work that way.

Well, maybe it does!

While some researchers blatted on about sleep deprivation, interruption of rest because of blue light from devices in the room, people being over stimulated, and so on--other researchers, namely some in France at the Universite Paris Descartes-Sorbonne Paris Cite--say a 30 minute nap can restore the hormonal impact of a night of poor sleep.

This, they say, is the first study that seems to suggest this.

You can look up the study design in the Endocrine Society's J of Clinical Endocrinololgy & Metabolism, but it was a cross-over, randomized study--but of men only.

I am not a man, but I have found--anecdotally--that if I sleep badly one night, I have great hours the next night--to me this means the body takes the opportunity to rebuild some stores of immune chemicals when it can.

Why not during a nap, too?

How's that for science?

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