Friday, March 13, 2015

Docs in wealthy areas pass out more antibiotics

Are you the type who wants SOMETHING from the doctor if you take the trouble to go? Hey, doc, give me a miracle drug, just something, I feel terrible.

They did a study at Johns Hopkins and found that physicians and urgent cares and mini-clinics in wealthy areas drive doctors to hand out more antibiotic prescriptions--to keep patients "satisfied" with their care.

It's all about customer service now.

Where are you most likely to get an antibiotic? East Coast and Southeast.

Researchers have known for some time that social rather than medical factors contribute to overuse of antibiotics.

There is pressure on doctors to prescribe--or else the patient will find someone who will.

Antibiotics--for the hundredth time on this blog--do not work on viruses! And if people take them for a while, quit before the 10 days or whatever is up, any bacteria around in their bodies gets a taste and then builds up an immunity to the drug without dying.

When that bug then gets into your kid or aged relative, the needed antibiotic may not work! That person could get sick sick sick and even die!

Is there a relationship between antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the zip codes with the accommodating docs and clinics--they are checking.

I would not be surprised, though.

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