Monday, March 16, 2015

Early signs you may be preggers

From Medical News Today come some tips on whether you might be pregnant--you can maybe detect some of this 8-14 days after ovulation.

The first sign can be a missed period--even though there may be some spotting from implantation of the fertilized egg--but this will usually come a few days before the period is due (I had this).

Nausea can begin as early as five weeks, with most women having some by eight weeks.

The breasts can change--the veins become more prominent, the tissue kind of rubbery.

You may start needing to urinate more.

A feeling of fatigue may come out of nowhere. In the second trimester--you will feel peppy.

You also may feel some cramping without bleeding as the fetus expands.

A stuffed nose can start to bug you.

You may experience food cravings. Try to get enough folate acid (greens).

Ah, the mood changes. You may feel more emotional. !!!

If you jump up quickly, you might feel lightheaded. This should dissipate if you lie down.

Of course, a lot of this could be other things. Get a pregnancy test ASAP if you start experiencing a constellation of these feelings.

Good news? Your call.

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