Thursday, March 12, 2015

Maybe Valium before surgery not so much

Often, when you are having surgery, they hit you with a tranquilizer to calm you down before any anesthesia is even given.

Now, a randomized trial of patients undergoing elective surgery (done in France) showed that lorazepam before surgery did not improve self-reported patient experiences--and was associated with a longer time until removal of thebreathing tube and a lower rate of return to good thinking.

Check this out in the March issue of JAMA.

The French researchers looked at 1,082 adults younger than 70. They gave the lorazepam to a third two hours before the operating room, another third getting a placebo, and the last getting no medication.

While the lorazepam did cut anxiety before the patients were put under, there was no improvement in the experience from it.

Apparently, the researchers said, cutting pre-op anxiety did not influence patient satisfaction.

I would say---just get it done--give me the anesthesia and get it over with.

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