Friday, March 06, 2015

Never too late for med school?

You know how I am always joking about how we should just GO to medical school and be our own docs?

Well, some people actually do get sick of their "career" and want to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor.

Will your lack of science training be an unsurmountable obstacle?

A program at the Univ of Michigan--Ann Arbor is designed for graduates with no science training--allowing them to be a strong candidate for med school no matter what their age.

It's 14 months long, including:

--Rigorous coursework
--Dedicated faculty advisers
--Experimental learning opportunities
--A Foundations for Aspiring Physicians segment
--In-depth prep for the MCAT and help with the admissions process

This is the only program in the country with MCAT prep, they say. they work with MPrep--a company started by a Univ of Mich student.

After completing this, students are ready to apply to the Univ of Mich or any other top medical school.

You have to have a GPA above 3.5 and should be a US citizen or permanent resident.

Go to http://medicine/

The school also has programs for grads with science training who seek more training.

So there you go--will you be a doctor sometime in the future? C'mon, now.

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