Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The cranberry juice cure for UTIs

The New Scientist tackled the issue of drinking cranberry juice to stop or prevent urinary tract infections.

The theory is that the red stuff contains proanthrocyanides, which have an anti-adhesive effect on bacteria in the bladder.

Apparently bacteria can stick to the bladder wall and bury themselves in goo, so antibiotics cannot kill them. They then can come out after a round of antibiotics and start the infection again.

This works for some people, not for others.

One reason it seems to work might be that if people know about cranberry juice they may already be eating a more healthy diet. Or the placebo effect may be in action here.

But all this is far from settled. Some people say a couple dozen glasses a day would be needed--obviously not practical. Those cranberry capsules contain the amount in a few cranberries.

So this varies from person to person. There is basically no science.

But cranberry and vodka--hey, you can forget the pain of the infection, anyway.

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