Thursday, March 26, 2015

Want or need to be in a medical study?

Apple has a new app called ResearchKit.

Studies can take a long time to put together--this can work against participants who might benefit from the medication being tested.

Now, Apple has a way for iPhone and iPad users to swipe--and participate if appropriate.

Using this, people can search and sign up for studies on everything from asthma to Parkinson's.

In the latter case--Parkinson's--for example, applicants may be asked to tap the screen with alternating fingers for 20 seconds. Other studies may ask people to speak or send researchers physical data such as heart rate.

Still another use will be to follow up on breast cancer surgery patients--they will report in on fatigue, cognitive difficulties, sleep problems, and so on.

MyHeart--developed at Stanford, will ID people at risk for heart disease.

Users will be allowed to see their data before it's sent to research teams. This has led to the worry that people may skew their own data--if they consider themselves super fit, for example, and the data does not show it, they may decide not to be in the study.

The researchers think they can winnow these people out.

Fewer sufferers are entering tests...Maybe this will help. Worth a shot.

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