Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Who needs soda?

I am not much of a soda drinker, but I know people who are.

Soda, of course, like many convenient, popular things, is "terribly" bad for you. A study in 2011 in Bangor and Bristol showed sugary soda can make you crave more sugary drinks and foods.

According to a study in the J of American Geriatrics, diet soda--diet--is linked to abdominal obesity in adults over 65. The increase in waist size was three times that of non-diet soda drinkers.

So, it's hot and what should you drink?

How about sparkling water--throw in some citrus fruit--or even veggies like cucumbers or maybe some strawberries.

Or--mix sparkling or Seltzer water with thicker, tasty juices like cranberry or pomegranate juice--Jeltzer!

Or put fruit in your ice cubes--it looks pretty, too.

I always dilute juices--even with plain water...Juices are spendy.

What about those already-flavored waters? Like Vitamin Water? They cost and you may not need what's in there besides water.

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