Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Have you tried bike sharing?

Lots of people in big cities do not want to bother with owning a car. They use cabs, subways, or now, Uber or bike sharing.

But it seems the latter is not fulfilling its potential, leading Univ of Chicago researchers Elena Belavina and PhD candidate Ashish Kabra to spend four (no doubt onerous) months studying Paris's bike sharing system.

OK, I am snarky,

The success of the system, they decided, hinged on how dar the commuter must walk to find a bike. And the likelihood of a bike being at the station when the commuter got there.

They took a gazillion snapshots and concluded that a 10% reduction in the distance upped ridership by 6.7%. A 10% increase in availability upped it 12%.

If Paris did this, they said, the city could increase ridership almost 30%.

There are now 530 bike share systems--with about 517,000 bikes.

I guess they need to be spaced closer together.

Also, I would say, bikes probably should be in good repair and there should be convenient dropoff places.

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