Friday, April 03, 2015

Hiking and camping with an infant

These days babies tend to be grabbed like little footballs and hauled along on outdoor adventures.

Biking, walking, jogging--no reason for a babysitter.

And a rate of products now make taking the tot along easier and safer than in past generations--carriers, joggers, trailers, sidecars, you name it.

BUT--American Chiropractic Assn spokesperson Karen Erickson, DC, says be careful with the backpack carrier. Because the cervical spine of a baby less than a year is not fully developed, so be sure the baby's head does not bobble around. If you can't see, maybe a front carrier is better.

--Also, a backpack or front side carrier can upset an adult's stability--be sure you are in good shape.

--Get a carrier with wide straps for shoulder and waist.  This distributes weight evenly.

--Once the child is in the carrier, be sure no cloth is bunching and rubbing on the little one.

As for slings, remember the baby is against you and can get very hot. Be sure they do not have their nose covered by material. Also--switch sides occasionally.

Never run with any packpack carrier. If you want to run, get a jogging stroller.

Personally, those give me the creeps--I imagine rushing along, hitting a stone or something and even with a seatbelt--the child flying out.

I guess it never or rarely happens, but it freaks me out.

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