Monday, April 20, 2015

How to get a kid to eat veggies

Let's face it, some vegetables have a bitter taste--the better to ward off destructive insects. But this also wards off some people, especially children. Although pureed pees and beans may be among the first "solid" foods, graduating to Brussels sprouts can be a leap.

Actually, my old child loved them--so you never know!

Instilling good eating habits, says Tanda Kidd, assoc professor of human nutrition at Kansas State in Manhattan, KS, is worth it. No parent, she says, wants their child to be overweight or sick.

The key is to start early. Give a variety of food options--kids know when to eat and when to stop.

Make the choices rich in nutrition, not just calories. This lets out soda.

Foods crammed with "empty" calories, such as sweets and hot dogs and reghular ground beef contribute 40% of daily calories for kids 2-18.

Other ideas?

--Do not use food as a reward for good behavior.

--Be a good example--parents should eat their veggies.

--Eat with your children so they can see what you eat.

--Check out what kids eat away from home.

--Limit screen time--watching TV means mindless eating. Chomp. Chomp.

Do not put your child on a "diet," even if they appear chubby. Instead, encourage exercise.


--Take kids to the store, discuss choices, loop them in.

--Plant a garden, cook together.

I agree--and the Orange Hollandaise my child's dad made for artichokes did not hurt, either.  A little dipping sauce can cut bitterness and is fun.

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