Thursday, April 09, 2015

Jordi-Stick makes breathing therapy fun for cystic fibrosis kids

Thirty thousand people in the US suffer from cystic fibrosis--an incurable disease which clogs lungs and can shorten lives.

Half of those are children.

And getting them to sit still for 30 minutes a day, breathing slowly and deeply on a nebulizer, is not easy.

But now, it can be a game. Enter the Jordi-Stick--developed by a dad whose son suffers from the disease. This, I assume, would be Jordi.

The device connects the child's nebulizer to a video game, allowing the child to control their gaming with their breathing.  For instance, they can move a hot air balloon on the screen--helping it avoid obstacles.

A pressure sensor is placed inside their nebulizer--and this connects to the gaming device via USB cord.

Very cool...

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