Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Newest gnarly drug to kill you or your kids

Justin Caba, Medical Daily, gives us a headsup on the "N-Bomb," which has resulted in at least 17 deaths since being introduced in 2010.

Although it is a synthetic, which often skate on being classified, the DEA declared this stuff to be Schedule I last November.

Donna Seger, MD, medical director of the Tennessee Poison Center, says it is dangerous and obviously potentially deadly.

N-Bomb is marketed as legal or natural LSD.  It is in the NBOMe class--originally designed to map the serotonin (pleasure) centers in the brain.

It is sold as blotter paper, powder or a liquid that can be ingested, snorted, or inserted places.

If someone is poisoned by N-Bomb, they require heavy sedation to quell aggression as well as cooling (the body overheats).

Quality control on these street drugs is non-existent. You never know what you are getting--and that could be the end of you.

Oh--and the DEA, which is cracking down on synthetics in 25 states, says using these drugs puts money in the pockets of terrorists and criminals in the Middle East and elsewhere.

So don't take this stuff or anything similar someone tells you about at a club. Clubs are supposed to be about fun, not dying.

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