Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Peanut-allergic kids more likely to be exposed at home

We have all heard the stories. A kid who touches a door handle touched by another child who just at a PBJ--and suddenly can't breathe. Special sections of school cafeterias for the allergic.

Now, researchers at the Univ of  Montreal's looked at 1,941 children who had this allergy--resulting in 567 incidents involving 429 of these kids.

They concluded children are most at risk in their own homes. And--they discovered--parents and medical professionals do not  know how to react appropriately.

Put another way--the schools may be doing a pretty good job of managing this--and parents need to step it up.

In the study population, 11.3% of the reactions were considered "severe," and 50.1% as "moderate."

Only 42% of the SEVERE reactions were evaluated by a medical professional--and one in six of these went completely untreated.

For the moderate reaction group, medical attn was sought only 25% of the time.  This--even though in 37% of the cases, the exposure was at home. Other people's homes and restaurants accounted for 14.3% and 9.3%, respectively.

Schools and daycares where peanuts were forbidden represented only 4.9% of cases. Where peanuts were allowed--3%.

Why the slight difference--where peanuts were not allowed, the researchers said, people may get complacent.

Teens are especially reckless and may indulge even if allergic.

Well, know....

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