Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pets should make you healthier, not sick

I find my irritating little brain turning more and more to wanting another pooch. I sneak over to Craigs sometimes. I watch live cams of puppies growing up.

But then I read about things like a recent Ohio State study going over the literature on all the things pets can give people--diseases, not satisfaction and fun. (Canadian Medical Assn J--Apr 20)

Salmonella, E. coli, roundworms--there are 20 ickies people can get from pet animals. Different species carry different diseases.

The key, the docs said, is to get the right pet for the right person.

Also--vets and people docs should discuss the possibility of such infections with their patients.

This is especially important for people with a compromised immune system.  These people should:

--Wear protective gloves to clean aquariums and cages.
--Wash hands after contact.
--Discourage face licking.
--Cover playground sand boxes unless kids are using them
--Disinfect cages and bedding
--Only get a new pet if the person has improved his or her immune system
--Schedule regular vet visits

Also--pets can get human diseases such as MRSA and C. diff and pass them to other humans.

Yoh-boy--these people are no fun. How about a big Hazmat Suit with a picture of the animal on it?
Happy now?

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