Thursday, April 23, 2015

Remember that pix of a nurse shushing people?

I am geezing. But hospitals used to have pictures everyplace of a nurse in her little white hat with finger to her lips--QUIET... That's her...

Now, Loyola has taken this high tech. They have positioned a red-yellow-green traffic light-like device at nurses stations to tell people if the noise level of the ward is rising.

They published this in the Am J of Nursing.

High levels of sound, as any patient can attest, disrupt sleep, increase stress, and decrease confidence in caregivers.

Even Florence Nightingale one said, "Unnecessary noise is the most cruel abuse of care..."

Loyola started this in 2011--when it eliminated paging... The "Calling Dr Smith...Dr Smith" thing.

They call their new traffic light thing The Yacker Tracker.

It's not only "yacking," by which I think they really meant "yakker," but TVs, unanswered beeping IVs, squeaky shoes, squeaky wheels, loudly gossiping staff and visitors outside the door, screams of pain, phones, elevator bells, and sundry other sounds.

Yow. Way to go, Loyola. Hope this spreads.

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