Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Are you a sunscreen scorner?

Too late--you dope.
See that big fusion reactor in the sky--it is spewing radioactivity on you that can cause cancer.

Yet, in a new study in the J of Am Acad of Derm, a majority of Americans do not regularly use sunscreen--I mean, radioactivity screen.

Guilty--I am one. I hardly go outside with these knees, but I should and do know better.

Women--42.6%--are more likely to use sunscreen on their face--yeah, for WRINKLE PREVENTION. Only 34.4% use it on the rest of their bodies everyday.  About 18.1% of men use it on their face, 19.9% on other exposed skin.

Men are more likely that women to NEVER use it. Forty-three percent of men say they don't. That figure is 27% for women.

Some people complain the SPF thing is "too hard." It's easy--use broad-spectrum SPF 30.

Apply it at least 15 mins before going in the sun.

Use enough for you whole body--maybe an ounce! Ears, scalp, tops of feet and legs.

Get help with smearing it on your back.

Reapply every two hours and after swimming or sweating.


Stay in the shade between 10 am and 2 pm.

Wear protective clothing and hat.

Be extra lubed up around water or snow.

To look "tan," use a self-tanner with sunscreen.

OK--it does sound a little "hard." But I know a woman who just--much to her relief--had a clean checkup from a past melanoma. This is not a joke.

Of course, you also manufacture Vitamin D from being in the sun 20 mins a day without protection.

So this is a double-edged sword...You'll figure it out. Summer's on the way.

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