Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Can it be--not all women love the skinny models

I think there may be a gradual sea change happening as we become more well upholstered, shall we say?

Some men want to date models, with their coathanger ranginess, but others are more into the Kardashian backporch and curves.

Baylor did a study--A marketing professor there, James Robertsm, PhD, did a study with his daughter, Chloe, a freshman at the Univ of Alabama. It's called "Does Thin Always Sell?"

Advertisers, Roberts says, buy into the thin thing without really looking at other options.

The women in the study were polled as to whether they considered thin to be the "ideal."

Twenty-five percent disagreed with the thin ideal concept, and 45% did not fully subscribe to it.

Then they were shown purse ads--with thin and fleshier models. To those who did not consider thin to be the fallback, model size did not affect the effectiveness of the ad.

They concluded in many cases and with many products an "average size" model might be more effective.

Uh-oh--what is average size? I do look at models in say, Marie Claire, and think, those stork legs, really? Almost deformed.

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