Thursday, May 07, 2015

If you think life in the US is all rainbows--we have fire ants!

I have many foreign readers and lest you guys think it's all flat screens and cheeseburgers, let me introduce you to fire ants.

I live in the Sonoran Desert and I can be sitting at my computer and suddenly I get a screamingly painful nip on my bare foot--then another, then another. I look down--fire ants everyplace!

How do they get in? The tiniest crack, maybe even at ceiling level... Bam!

I quickly grab the Amdro--some crumbs I sprinkle everywhere--then all day, the ants carry this off to their evil nest and wipe out themselves and their pals--until the next time. Literally a cup of crumbs on the floor will disappear. No noxious sprays to alter your DNA...just the crumbs.

Now, some researchers at Mississippi State has confirmed what Arizonans already know--these ants are a menace!

The venom can be very deadly to the allergic--and this includes pets as well as children.

You need to treat bites in these people immediately.

Best, though, is to treat your yard if you harbor these insects.

Control products for yards are relatively safe if you follow directions--and this includes looking at the re-entry interval--REI. Some of the older remedies make you keep everyone out of the yard for many hours--Amdro says it's OK to re-enter immediately.

Remember--your yard may contain 50 to 200 mounds per acre.

The only problem is that crumbs often have sugar--to attract the ants--but this also attracts pets. And children. So store all products carefully.

Amdro, I love you so.

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