Monday, May 04, 2015

Money still huge issue when it comes to health plans

The other day, I filled my 3-mo prescriptions for three generic blood pressure meds, and my Medicare HMO paid...15 cents of the $30!

Gee, that was helpful.

But even those who are supposedly basking in the fantastic Obamacare plans are trying to find ways to cut costs.

For one thing, there seems to be a trend to accept smaller networks and more limited choice of doctors in exchange for lower rates.

Half the plans offered on the public health care networks are "narrow network."

A fifth are "ultranarrow."

Employers also tend to like these.

The plans ask a small group of docs and hospitals to sign on--and promise them the bulk of the patients in exchange for discounted rates.

If you go to a doctor or place outside the network--you may have to pay the freight.

This was all intended, says a spokeswoman for Georgetown's Univ's Center on Health Insurance Reforms.

Consumer advocates continue to push for clearer explanations about who is "in plan" and who is not.

When you get sick or hurt is not the time to try to figure this out.

My personal issue is that I have been through so many providers in my little area--for one reason or another, I do not go back. I have had eight cardiologists, for example. All objectionable. So now I have none.

I  know--I am noncompliant and picky. But every time I find someone I can work with--bam, they are out of network!

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