Thursday, May 14, 2015

No no no!

According to Chris Weller, Medical News Today, a new study in Psychopharmacology has pinpointed a new street drug called FLAKKA (alpha-PVP) as the deadliest stuff around--worse than "bath salts," even.

It's more addictive than meth. It can make you strip off your clothes without a thought, attack police stations, be so aggressive someone shoots you, hallucinate--all the usual fun things people take drugs for.

They got some hapless rats on the stuff and made them push a lever to get some--the rodents pressed hundreds of times to get a tiny dose. This was right up there with bath salts.

And it's cheap, drug fans. Five bucks!

This crap is mostly in South Florida, but it's seeping out.

Flakka was banned temporarily in 2014. Bath salts in 2011.

Can we go over this again--the brain you have now is the one you will need the rest of your life. Don't ruin it or you will be sorry. If you can even think enough to BE sorry.

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