Friday, May 15, 2015

Those limp handshakes--say goodbye?

Some days I just feel cynical. I think what seemingly wacky stuff am I supposed to believe today?

Here comes your diagnosis.
The latest is the contention that the strength of your handshake is a reliable predictor of general health and the likelihood of dying.

Nice to meet ya---arg!

Larry Husten writes about this on

In what he describes as a large, global study (140,000 adults in 17 countries), people's hand grips were measured and then they were followed for four years.

As the tightness of the grip lessened, the chance of dying increased.

This was considered a more reliable indicator of death than systolic blood pressure.

One scientist even said flat out, "There can be no doubt that grip strength predicts all-cause mortality."

Isn't all-cause mortality--you know--100%?

Yes, it could mean you are getting weaker... Or maybe you just don't want to squeeze your painful arthritic finger joints--or you don't think it's polite to crush people's hands...whatever.

If a doctor shakes your hand and then says, Uh-oh, get worried, I guess. I get worried if they EVER say uh-oh.

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