Friday, May 08, 2015

What you should eat--just ask an actress

You do have organs to do this.
Julia Belluz wrote a story on celebrity health advice. She notes upfront that we will probably be healthier if we exercise, don't smoke, eat a variety of whole foods (not to much of them) and watch the booze and sun exposure.

But this is apparently so simple--people want harder, weirder and more complicated advice--such as actress Gwyneth Paltrow's recent vagina steaming guidelines.

Or ways to "detox" with weird juices. Or with maple syrup. (Your kidneys, liver, and immune system also do this.)

Another one is swishing coconut oil in your mouth to whiten teeth and draw out impurities from the entire body. I tried this--20 mins of swishing goes crazy slowly.

There is now a book out by Timothy Caulfield called, Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?

Hope they don't write one of those about me! But I digress.

Apparently Gwyneth is ignoring this dude.

Still--he insists there is no science behind detoxing, a big Gollywood craze right now.

But why do people follow celebs in this area? They just do, Caulfield says. Case in point--wanting a BIGGER rear end because a certain Kardashian has one.

Are people pushing back. He says maybe a little--Dr Oz took some heat and some of the anti-vaccine people are being ridiculed.

But--when Angelina Jolie had both breasts removed, along with her ovaries, in the wake of testing that showed her at increased risk of those cancers--she was mild about it--but genetic testing spiked up as did prophylactic surgeries of this sort.

Those are big surgeries--and long-term gambles.

A lot of celebrity advice centers on short-term goals such as getting a bikini body by June.

Better to just try to be healthier. Swimming is good--bikini or not.

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