Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wow--just realized I am a shut-in

 I used to run a group for people who worked at home--I ironically called it The Shut-Ins. Now, I realize, I am not so ironically, a real shut-in. We have no car, my mobility is limited, the cabs are those stupid Prius things you can't get in.

I am a grease spot on the sidewalk of life. And I am not alone.

A recent study from Johns Hopkins, published in the J of American Medical Assn, said shut-ins are nearly invisible.

The homebound population is 50% larger than the population in nursing homes. Only 11% get medical care at home--the rest receive next to none or none.

I HAVE been wondering how I can get to the doctor in Sept to get my meds renewed.

Completely homebound people tend to be older, female, non-white and have less education that non-homebound people. Usually they have been hospitalized in the last year.  

Medicare defines homebound by a number of criteria. The Hopkins people are behind an intervention called CAPABLE--for Community Aging in Place, Advancing Better Living fro Elders.

I am not quite to that point-my daughter lives here. But things can change. If you know someone living alone, check  in sometimes.

There was a terrible story on the news about a man released from cancer treatment in the hospital who called the police and said could someone bring me a sandwich--I can't get out of this "damned chair." The dispatcher brought him a bag of groceries on her own dime and now he has visiting nurse checkins. Still--awful story.

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