Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Do hospital stays disrupt your innards?

A University of Michigan Ann Arbor study shows that a routine hospital stay can so upset the balance of microbes in our bodies that some older people succumb to sepsis within 90 days of leaving the hospital.

Older people are three times as likely to get the sometimes fatal body-wide condition after being in the hospital than at any other time.

The study was in Am J of Respiratory and Crit Care Med.

Researchers have known for some time that antibiotics given in hospitals can encourage that C. difficile stuff by disrupting the body's microbiome (newspeak for the balance of organisms in the gut).

They came to this conclusion after looking at 43,000 hosp stays by 11,000 older Americans over 12 years.

The implications are big, the scientists say. For one thing, antibiotic resistance may not be the only problem.  Overuse of antibiotics, they say, MAY upset the whole balance, allowing many infections to overwhelm the system and shut down organs.

They are also looking at patients who go home--are there diet-based approaches to reset their balance?

My sister had sepsis--and it's no joke. She was in the ICU and so gone, she did not recognize family members. The bad organisms had crossed the brain barrier.

My personal opinion is that the ever-popular Jell-O in hospitals is not exactly health food.

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