Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Many new drivers can't drive

Truth: I am a nondriver. Long story. I have had four incredibly scary (and now funny) driving lessons and will never drive. Now, of course, I can't see well enough anyway.

Researchers at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Univ of Penn have devised a Simulated Driving Assessment to check teen drivers' skills. You can check it out in the J of Injury Prevention.

The simulation is 35 minutes long and contains 22 variations of common ways teen drivers crash. Nearly 43% of licensed teens had a crash on it (within 3 mos of getting their license).

For experienced adults, 29% had at least one crash.

Teens could use turn signals, but were wanting in the more advanced skills, braking in hazardous conditions and anticipating and responding to hazards.

The most common crashes involve left turns, rear-end events, and running off the road. This does not even COUNT texting, talking, and having other teens in the car!

This simulation is available to evaluate teen performance over and above the live test.

Sounds like almost a third of adults need this, too!

I sure would have flunked it!

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