Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sometimes older people discouraged from having pets

I want another dog.

I think.

We once had a dog and four cats. One cat remains--she has been walking around in here forever--we are not even sure how old she is. My daughter was in HS when she came as a kitten--and my kid is now 33. I am writing a cartoon about this cat, and she loves being our one and only, but I miss dogs.

Then I think..vet bills, food bills, tripping risk, can't walk it with my arthritis, attachment. Well, attachment is what I want.

There is a paper in the J of Activities, Adaptation & Aging, reviewing pet ownership by us oldies.

They say older people maybe can get older pets, but older pets mean more vet bills.

The researchers said maybe the IDEA of disability is worse than the actual disability.

Shelters, they said, could match animal to owner better. Meals on wheels could include pet meals. Maybe people could adopt on a trial basis.

Many assisted living places allow small pets--but nursing homes do not. I remember a very yippy-barky Pomeranian at one place Mom lived--it always lunged on its leash in the lobby trying to take a good chomp out of you.

My grandmother loved her dachshund. Years after she moved into a nursing home, she asked after him. Finally my dad said, "Now, Lennie, what would it be like if dogs were running all over in here?"

She thought a second and said, "Heaven."

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